My research focuses on contemporary literature and visual culture by and about ethnic minorities of France and the United States, with an emphasis on Franco-Maghrebi and U.S. Latinx cultures. Broadly speaking, there are three major strands to my work: 


1. Literary Genres and Theory

I am particularly interested in studying how minority literatures interact with, transform, and reshape literary genres, traditions, and literary theory. I have worked on how Chicana/o and Franco-Maghrebi coming-of-age novels challenge and expand dominant notions of the traditional Bildungsroman that overlooks linguistic minority discourse and leaves language ideologies and hierarchies unquestioned (2019b). I have also explored how the topoi of family narratives can serve as a discursive space to represent minorities’ often-omitted historical and cultural heritage (2019a, forthcoming 2021b). 

2. Narrated Places and Lived Spaces

This line of inquiry places literary analysis with broad theoretical discussions on spatiality and geocriticism. I am fascinated by the depiction of domestic and urban sites in literature centering on immigrants’ descendants and especially how such fictional sites relate to and interrogate Western conceptions of space and place. I have published three articles on this research, which look respectively at the cultural exchanges and conflicts in transnational homeplaces (2019a), the representation of urban space and Chicano flânerie (2019c), and the potential of the graphic novel to reflect on the sociospatial effects of migration (2021a).

3. Literature and Postmigrant Societies

I also investigate interdisciplinary methods for analyzing the social and political dimensions of literature, particularly as they relate to the concept of Postmigration. In a forthcoming article (2021a), I stress the importance of diegetic spaces and objects in the discussion of postmigrant societies, which has mostly been discussed in terms of social dynamics. In a similar vein, at the Postmigrant Aesthetics conference (2020) I explored intersections between postmigrant theory and ecocriticism in fiction. In 2019, I co-organized an international conference entitled “Narrating Postmigration: Interdisciplinary Approaches."