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Research Interests


1-the relation of migrant and minority literature with literary theory and genres (Bildungsroman, crime fiction, travel writing, historical novel); 2-the representation of place and space in literatures of migration; 3-the application of migration theories to the study of literature; 4-how literature and visual art from the Global South respond to migration movements

Recent Publications

The Algerian Diaspora in France, ÁLuna-Dubois, The Routledge Handbook of French History, 585-595


Migration is everywhere: The overlooked landscapes of Inch’Allah Dimanche (2001) by Yamina Benguigui; Á Luna-Dubois, Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture 14 (1), 37-51, 2023

Rachid Bouchareb (1953–); Á Luna-Dubois, The Art of Directing: A Concise Dictionary of France’s Film Directors2023

‘They left their soul on the other side of the Mediterranean’: Rehabilitating Franco-Algerian histories in Mehdi Charef’s Le Harki de Meriem; Á Luna-Dubois, Journal of Romance Studies 22 (3), 367-388, 2022

Constructing Ethnic Minority Detectives in French and German Crime Television Series; Á Luna-Dubois, Cinéma & Cie. Film and Media Studies Journal 21 (36/37), 125-143, 2021

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