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The Routledge Handbook of French History

I am pleased to announce that The Routledge Handbook of French History ,which features my chapter on the Algerian diaspora in France has been published!

The handbook offers an overview of the full range of the history of France, from the origins of the post-Roman "Francia," through the emergence of a consolidated French monarchy and the development of both nation-state and global empire into the modern era, forward to the current complexities of a modern republic integrated into the E.U. and struggling with the global legacies of its past.

My chapter surveys the history of the Algerian diaspora in France from the 19th century to the first decades of the 21st century. It covers migration policies and demographic trends during the first colonial migrations, including the world wars and the beginning of permanent settlements, the outbreak of the French–Algerian War, and postcolonial developments from the perspective of Franco-Algerians and Algerian immigrants in France. In addition to examining key moments in the history of French inhabitants of Algerian descent, the chapter highlights patterns of cultural development as well as challenges faced by the longest-running and largest diaspora in the country.


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